Prof. Dr. Güneş Esendağlı is the head of Department of Basic Oncology at Hacettepe University Cancer Institute. He also has an academic position in the Department of Vaccinology, Hacettepe University Vaccine Institute. He worked as a researcher at Borstel Research Center, Department of Immunology and Cell Biology, Immunotherapy Unit, in Germany and at Uppsala University, Center for Biomedicine, Department of Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry in Sweden. His research laboratory engaged to reveal immune modulatory mechanisms that diverge the immune suppression dogma in cancer, also focuses on immunotherapeutic interventions through modulation of myeloid cell - T cell interactions in cancer microenvironment. In the last 10 years, he supervised more than twenty graduate MSc and PhD theses and published over 70 refereed articles and book chapters. He received over 1700 citations (H-Factor: 23). He also received many awards and contributed over 50 projects in different fields of immunology and cancer research.